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"Me And My Shadow" CD

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    “Me And My Shadow” produced by Vassili Caillosse & Hawaiian Pistoleros, 2019
    All songs recorded at Cornerbox Studio (Rocheservière, France), January 2018 by Antoine Lacoste, mixed at Cornerbox Studio by Antoine Lacoste & Vassili Caillosse, May 2018, exept "Me & My Shadow" and "Nobody's Lonesome For Me" recorded in Matthieu’s Basement (Saint-Armel, France), January 2019 by Romain Baousson, and "Detour" and "Hawaiian Hula Eyes" recorded at Le Dynamo (Nantes, France), January 2019 by Eric Chambouleyron
    Mastered by Brice Kartman (Tours, France), March 2019
    Artwork by Bill Plympton
    Layout by Blaz
    The Hawaiian Pistoleros are  : Vassili Caillosse / Vincent Dupas / Adrien Dutertre / Eric Le Guichard / Matthieu Lésiard / Bertrand Thépaut
    Thanks to Romain Baousson, Nicolas Moreau, Pierre-Antoine Parois, Antoine Lacoste, Olivier Ménard, Julie Mellaert, Eric Chambouleyron, Guillaume Escoffier, Frederic Ozanne, Stephane Louvain, Christophe Chiron, Gérald Fleury, Mathilde Masson...
    Very special thanks to Mr Bill Plympton
    Coconut Island Production 2019

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