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HP photo de presse 2021 crédit Laurent Guizard .jpg.jpg

Bertrand THEPAUT

ukulele &

backing vocal

steel guitar
& guitar

Vincent DUPAS
& baritone guitar

Matthieu LESIARD

double bass

Initiated in 2011 by Vassili Caillosse, one of the rare French players of the pedal steel guitar, the Hawaiian Pistoleros is a group of musicians from Rennes and Nantes, each with his own musical background. They play and have played in many different bands across the West of France, styles ranging from folk-rock (Santa Cruz, Bruno Green...) to French song (Mr. Roux) to street theatre (Sergent Pépère…), and over ten years of interchanging collaborations has forged a solid musical complicity between them.

From the beginning, the Hawaiian Pistoleros indulged happily in their exploration of popular American music from the interwar period, taking special interest in Western Swing and Hawaiian, two musical genres rarely heard or played in France. But as they continued their meanderings, they started moving away from a simple "revival" project, bringing in their own arrangements and imposing a more modern and personal sound.

The transformation was complete with the addition in 2015 of Vincent Dupas, aka My Name Is Nobody, on vocals and baritone guitar, diverting the musical journey into an imaginary America where disillusioned folk singers, hula dancers and country guitar pickers blissfully mingle.

Photo crédit : Laurent Guizard // English translation : Mybel & Enid

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